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Ethernet Tester

Hobbes POEfinder (256300)

Check your network for POE Power present.
Protect your hardware against overpowering.

Hobbes POEfinder

Hobbes POEfinder

Hobbes POEfinder

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Hobbes POE (Power over Ethernet) technology is increasing being used in many network equipments, such as IP phone, AP’s, and network camera...etc.
We have announced a new tool for professional network administrators to identify the existence of POE in one second. It’s very easy to use-just connect the POEfinder to an active network and the POEfinder will light up when the POE voltage detected in the existing networks and identify the type of PSE (power sourcing equipment) simultaneously

• Check the existence of PoE in a second.
• Identifies the type of PSE, whether the PoE Voltage is detected on the pair 12-36 (EndSpan), or on the 45-78 (MidSpan).
• Compliant with IEEE802.3af standard.
• Compact design, easy to plug and read.
• The POEfinder is designed with both jack and plug, so no extra cable is needed.
• Indicators on both sides, easy to read

• Model No.: 256300
• Indicators: Two LEDs indicate the POE voltage (48V) is detected on pair 12–36, or 45–78
• Connectors: 8 pin modular jack and plug
• Voltage detected: IEEE802.3af standard, and unsolicited voltage > 24VDC on pair 12–36, or 45–78
• Voltage protection: 63VDC
• Dimensions: 108 (Master 70mm) x 35.8 x 32.3mm
• Weight : 61.9g


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